Stop Taking Life So Seriously!

“‘It’s snowing still,’ said Eeyore gloomily.

‘So it is.’

‘And freezing.’

‘Is it?’

‘Yes,’ said Eeyore.  ‘However,’ he said, brightening up a little, ‘we haven’t had an earthquake lately.’

– A.A. Milne (1882-1956)


Things feel like they’ve been escalating into a ginormous ball of doom lately, what with everything going on and trying to do it all WELL… that’s the catching point, making sure you do things well.  While I’ve been stressing about this, that and the other, I’ve also made time to relax so I don’t die of a premature heart attack.

Aubree and I set up Halloween decorations at the house the other day; it was fun – I’ve never been able to decorate for Halloween before, since our house was always too far away from the road to get trick-or-treaters.  But this year, we put up orange lights, creepy mannequin-things and gravestones in the yard!  Fun!  I can’t wait to buy some candy and some booze, make some cupcakes and have a blast!

You see, I’ve come to a realization recently… I’ll even post a picture here to illustrate my point… cuz, ya know, pictures drive the point home…

I mean, you can’t take life too seriously, can you?  I’m busy, sure.  But I still find time to make a home-cooked meal every night, keep the house neat and get everything done that needs to.  And you know?  I used to race to work, convinced I would be late and needed to speed… but is my life worth it?  No, probably not.  Someone somewhere will disagree with me, but since this blog is for me and not for that person(s), who gives a monkey’s hooter, am I right?

It’s not that I stopped caring, it’s that I think I just realized I was heading for disaster.  I mean, I was doing so many things that were bad for me!  Now I can recognize the importance of taking a study break to play LEGO Pirates!  (Mwahaha, thanks to my hunny for the birthday present!)

Also, I am old now.  Twenty-two.  I looked forward to twenty-one for so long that I don’t know what to do with myself now!  Although I have been told this means I am now truly an adult since I had a year to party hardy.  I don’t think becoming an adult means I can’t party, though!  Screw it.  Maybe I really am a bad role model, in which case I shouldn’t be exposed to children.  Although one of the kids in the youth program at the Homestead remarked that I laughed a lot.  I asked him if it was a bad thing and he declared it wasn’t.  I wonder what that says?

LAUGHTER RULES!  If you can’t laugh, what’s the point in living?  Life is about love, peace, faith in humanity and the human experience.  And you know what?  There’s something beautiful begging to be laughed at in all of those things. <3


One thought on “Stop Taking Life So Seriously!

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    Great post! I loved that saying in the drawing – and it’s so AWFULLY true!!

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