It’s Been Awhile…

It’s been awhile since I updated…  a lot has happened, I suppose.

I graduated college (back in December)!  Now that it’s been a little while since I’ve got my diploma, I can honestly say I’m glad to be done with school.  I have been able to devote more time to personal development, which is going great!

I have a job, too – well, more of a promotion coming up.  But that is fine with me, I don’t need to do something new just because I graduated.  For now, this is good.  I am looking forward to kicking butt at it, too.

I’ve been planning out things for the new year of the Young Friends of Hale.  It’s going to be awesome this year… we might get a grant from our home office, a huge step.  I can’t say too much more on that, but I know what we WILL be able to afford this year if we get it… costumes.  *fingers crossed*

My scout troop (I have fifth grade girls) are working on their Bronze Award and will be done with it sometime this May.  What a big step for them.  Quite a long way from the little girls I started with… where does time go?

Still trying to get over a certain someone.

Meanwhile, Chris and I are doing swell.  We are running low on foodstuffs in the house, so our cooking has got rather creative lately.  All I can say is, thank all the xenophobic gods in the world for NUTELLA.  Mmm!

I am getting kitties soon!  Pictures will abound.  They are a brother and a sister, Sonny and Evie.  They are coming on Saturday the 18th, about a week after they get fixed (this Friday) from Protectors of Animals.  My aunt and cousin were fostering them for awhile and I fell in love with them.  :-)

All else I can say is that I can’t wait to get back to the Homestead.  Life is better by the hearth…

(Okay and I miss the excuse to bake lots of delicious goodies to share with everyone…)


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