Your Life Is Your Art, Yours Alone

Well… another Valentine’s Day has come and gone with me reading the feedback of the day on my Facebook wall… other people’s thoughts on Valentine’s Day.  Of course, there were the typical girls posting about wishing they had a valentine, or girls who were going out with girlfriends and having a good time regardless, guys who pretend not to care that they aren’t with someone… and the people that are genuinely happy together!

But you know, there was one comment on my Facebook wall today that I really enjoyed because I thought it was so utterly true: “why shouldn’t there be a day to celebrate love?  After all, we have so little of it in the world.”

That is not to say I think the word is a loveless place.  I just think that, as humans, we extend compassion to our fellow earthlings far too infrequently.  Our authentic humanity is loving, caring, kind, creative and wise – but being a part of a society, we have lost touch with these things.  Connecting to this part of ourselves is essential to having a wonderful life, filled with purpose.

Ever since starting my daily yoga regimen, I have found myself eating less and more healthfully, losing weight and most importantly… my mood has changed.  I have changed.  I am a better human now, more capable of extending kindness to someone I don’t know.  Customers like me better at work now, too.

I think a lot of the main problem is that people have lost touch with their core values.  It is important to identify those core values and live by them – you will experience huge strides in personal development and as a perk, you are living with integrity.

For example… here are some of mine:

Learning/Teaching – this is big for me because I love to learn new things, but also to pass on what I know.  I think this is why I love being a Girl Scout leader (though I am apprehensive about the dawning teen years, during which time teaching becomes awfully difficult).

Kindness – Well, I would love to get it from everyone I come into contact with, so why shouldn’t I strive to do that same thing to everyone else?  It’s the Golden Rule all over again.

Family – this is something I have always kept close to my heart, even when it seemed I didn’t.  Now that I’m older and have seen more of life (though of course, not nearly even half of everything!) I can appreciate my family and what they provide for me.

Feeling Good – this is a fairly new core value of mine, but I can’t believe I never recognized its importance!  I have realized that being a human in a society means that it is all too easy to abuse your body, even if it’s only by not getting enough sleep.  Add in a couple beers and all the crappy food the supermarkets sell and it’s no wonder we’re all grumpy!  I am currently on my way to becoming healthier, always.

Sensuality – this one is a secret.  ;-)

Enlightenment – when I was a small child, my Uncle Bruce told my mother that I would probably grow up to be “one of those girls that takes their bra off in front of the White House.”  Well.  What do you say to that?  I’m sure he meant that I was to become a hippie, which I now take as a compliment.  I don’t know much about taking my bra off in public protest, but the hippies seem to have had the right ideas.  As Brian from Family Guy once sang, “The 60s brought the hippie breed / We’ve ditched the values but we kept the weed!”  I just want to understand.  Working on this last one.

Actually, I am working on all of them.  I hope to one day incorporate all my core values 100% into my life; the general thinking is, once enlightenment has been achieved you will attract more opportunities and experience more moments of happy coincidence, effortlessly.

After all, what is life about if we aren’t constantly improving ourselves as people?  It’s not about this rat race we call life.  It’s about slowing down and watching the snow fall in front of the street lamps or going on a brisk walk on a sunny day.  The world is really a very interesting place…

The first step to creating an amazing, awesome, scintillating (I would be much obliged if people were to start using this word more often, it’s highly underrated) life… is to destroy negative self-thinking.  You have to first be selfish to become selfless.  If everyone could get rid of their negative attitude toward themselves, we could all begin to shine as people.  And then how beautiful would the world be if it sparkled?


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